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  Key Products and Technology


structure time shift

homogenous complexes of Lanthanides & heavy metals



metal complexes

compounds and complexes of iron & heavy metals



 key Metal compounds : metal compounds for radiotherapy, targeting, imaging, signal generation; g and health care and medical products containing metals in biocompatible form

 key Magnetic fluids : magnetic liposomes (ML, MTL), Ferrofluids (FF), magnetic polymers (MP)

 key Metallo-Proteins : membrane proteins, enzymes and antibodies with native metal entity or artificial metal labeling

 key Metallo-Lipids : lipids, detergents and other amphiphiles bearing a metal-head or a chelating group capable of metal binding. This coveres chelate head lipids, and direct derivatives, e.g. DTPA-DPPE, Gd-DTPA-DMPE, Gd-DTPA-Stearylamide, cis-Pt-DPPE

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Neutrons in Biology 2005

4.-7. 9.2005 Grenoble

Magnetic target liposome (MTL)

presentation of preparation and characterization of  magnetic target liposomes for neutron capture therapy (NCT), photodyn. X-ray therapy (PXT) , drug targeting (MDT) and imaging (PET, MRI)



6th Ferrofluid workshop

20.-22. 7.2005 Saarbrücken

Magnetic target liposome (MTL)

presentation of concept and results of  three ML-types for cancer therapy and diagnosis

 (handout as PDF-file)

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